These tunes are provided for the use of our members. If you would like to use them on your own website, please contact us. Full tune list and drummers' scores coming soon. BWW are files meant to be read using Bagpipe Music Writer or Bagpipe Player software or similar.

Tune list abbreviations:

Common tune sets listed after the tunes list.

Tune Sets

  • F: Farewell Set: Johnnie Scobie/Blue Bells/Auld Lang Syne
  • FS-CTM: Flower of Scotland/Crags of Tumbledown Mountain
  • FWH: Farewell With Honors: Green Hills/Going Home/Amazing Grace
  • BB-StB: Black Bear/Scotland the Brave
  • DC-BR-BHM: Drummers' Call/Barren Rocks/Brown Haired Maiden
  • PiR: Pass In Review: Forty-Second Regiment/Morag of Dunvegan/Wings
  • 6/8 Set: Steamboat/A Hundred Pipers/Bonnie Dundee
  • STAF: Salute to the Armed Forces: Army/Navy/Coast Guard/Air Force/Marine Corps
  • SM: Slow March Set: WV Highlanders' 50th Anniversary March/Scots Wha Hae (Slow)/Scotland the Brave
  • SwH-StB: Scots Wha Hae/Scotland the Brave (often the first set we play in a parade)
  • MB-WG: Minstrel Boy/Wearing of the Green
  • GH-WtBO: Green Hills/When the Battle's O'er
  • RT-SG: Rowan Tree/Simple Gifts
  • MH-BBS: Marine Corp Hymn/Blue Bells of Scotland